Changes to SDC due to TEA, HHS, and CDC Guidelines and Recommendations


Ratio / Group Sizes

  1. Due to restrictions of group sizes and social distancing, we will only be accepting 40 Jr Campers (Kinder-2nd grade) and 40 Sr Campers (3rd-6th grade) per campus. While registration requests will be processed in the order they are received, these limits on age groups will supersede that order.

5 Week Camp

  1. In order to maintain consistency of children in groups, we are offering families the opportunity to enroll their camper(s) one time for camp. This enrollment for the entirety of the 5 weeks.
  2. Registration for an individual week(s) is not available.
  3. The space will remain the registrants until one of the following occurs:
    1. Withdrawal from the program
    2. Removal from the program

Full Day / Half Day

Due to capacity limitations, we will only offer the Full Day enrollment for the 5 week camp.

Contract Approval / Wait List / Withdrawal and Removal

  1. Contract requests will be processed in the order in which they are received. Please note that ratios and limits on age groups will supersede that order.
  2. Contracts/spaces will be approved and maintained while installment payments are made on time and in full. If you choose to cancel or are removed due to non-payment, any future submissions to re-enroll will automatically be placed at the end of the wait list. Removal from the program due to behavioral issues will forfeit your child’s enrollment for the remainder of the summer.
  3. Our Community Education staff will communicate through email if your child is placed on a waitlist. We will contact you if/when a space becomes available for your child.
  4. Removal from the program due to behavioral issues (including lack of social distancing) will forfeit your child’s enrollment for the remainder of the summer.

Payment / Installment

  1. Payment will be withdrawn when your contract is accepted for your child to begin camp.
  2. Payments will be auto-drafted based on the payment installment plan.
  3. Non-payment or payment issues must be resolved with our Community Education staff by Wednesday of that week in order for your child to retain their place in the following weeks.
  4. On campus staff do not have access to, nor accept, account payments.


Camp Hours

Site Hours this summer will be 8:00am - 5:30pm

Field Trips

Due to the inability to social distance reasonably on buses, we will not be taking any field trips this summer.

What to Pack for Camp

Items needed for camp

    1. Lunch and 2 Snacks
    2. Refillable Water Bottle for outdoor activities, lunch, and snack
    3. Camp chair, stadium seat cushion, small towel for outdoor use.
    4. Rest time items (pillow, blanket, or towel)
    5. Books or individual puzzle books will be allowed during rest time
    6. Rest time items will need to be brought Monday and will remain on site for the week. Rest time items will be returned Friday afternoons to be washed at home.
    7. Items not allowed include electronic devices, toys, or other personal items brought from home.

Drop Off / Pick Up

  1. Morning Drop Off Procedures:
    1. SDC will not accept or screen any children before 8:00am every day.
    2. Parents or other adults dropping off must stay in their vehicle in the drop off line. Parents will not be allowed to park and approach staff or enter the building unless otherwise asked by our SDC staff. If asked to enter the building, parents will also need to be screened for symptoms before being allowed to enter.
      1. Forms will have to be filled out in vehicles or returned the same day as received at pickup in the afternoon.
    3. Children will exit their vehicles when instructed to do so by a SDC staff member. Parents must remain there until their child is screened by our staff, who will then signal to the parent that they are good to go.
    4. Children will be screened and parents will be let go in the order they arrive in the drop off line. Please allow extra time for drop off, as this process will take time.
    5. If you and your child arrive after 9:00, you will need to call the site phone number in order to have someone come out to screen your child.
    6. If your child shows any mild or severe symptoms either in the screening process or during the camp day, you must take your child from the facility. We strongly encourage anyone that is asked to take their child from the facility to consult with a doctor before attempting to return to camp.
  2. Afternoon Pick Up Procedures:
    1. All children must be picked up no later than 5:30.
    2. Parents are not allowed to park and approach SDC staff or enter the building unless asked to do so by our staff. If asked to enter the building, parents will also need to be screened for symptoms before being allowed to enter.
    3. SDC staff will be outside to begin check out at 4:00pm every day. If you need to pick up earlier than 4:00, you will need to call in order for our staff to come out.
    4. SDC staff will approach your vehicle to:
      1. Verify who you are picking up
      2. Ask to see your driver’s license
      3. Verify that you are on the authorized pick up list for the child
    5. Please allow enough time for pick up, as this process will take time.

Health and Wellness

  1. Children who show any symptoms, mild or severe, will be sent home. If you are unable, please make arrangements with someone on your pickup list to pick up your child as soon as possible.
  2. Children who struggle to maintain personal space, whether by choice or inability, on any given day may also be sent home. Further incidents may result in the removal of the child from the program.
  3. Please understand that these procedures are meant for the health and well-being of all children and their families at home, as well as our staff and other school staff operating in the building. Failure to follow SDC rules or procedures may result in the forfeiture of your child’s participation in the program.
  4. In the instance that we receive confirmation of a positive COVID-19 case the following may occur:
    1. Child / Staff will be removed from program for a quarantine period of no less than 14 days
    2. The area(s) of campus where contamination could have occurred may be closed for a period of: no less than 24 hours - 14 days
    3. The campus may be closed for cleaning and disinfection.
  5. We encourage all families to talk with their children about these procedures prior to attending camp to ease their transition into these procedures.